Hi Nicol,
Yes, I remember the game well. In fact, my wife and I have it right
here on our gaming computer we have in the living room.
A while back when my wife and I decided to go Linux we took the family
computer that was an old Windows XP system from 2003 or 2004 and
installed Ubuntu Linux 10 on it. We then installed several Linux game
emulaters on it like Dosbox, Stella, SNes 9x,  Frotz, and scare which
allows us to play all kinds of older games on that one computer. We
can play all the Atari classics like Asteroids, Centipede, Packman as
well as various Super NES roms like Super Castlevania. Not to mention
a number of Linux specific retro remakes like Super Tux, Circus Linux,
Pengwuine Command, that are basically remakes of Super Mario, Circus
Atari, Missile Command, with a Linux theme. So as a result we have a
Bomber Man rom we can play through emulation, plus there is a free
clone of Bomber Man for Linux as well.
Anyway, while I would certainly think it would be cool to have an
accessible Bomber Man clone for the blind it wouldn't be that easy to
translate into audio. The way the screen is laid out you have a ggrid
in what could be called a top down view. A sighted person can see the
entire screen at once and get an idea of what is happening everywhere
at once. With an audio only game the audio is related to you, the
listener, therefore presenting a first-person perspective rather than
an outside observer. If that makes any sense to you.
To give you a better idea of what I am talking about let's take
Packman. In the video arcade game version you can see it from a top
down perspective where you see  the entire maze and everything in it
as though you were looking down at the entire thing from up above.
With Phil's Packman Talks you can only hear sounds in relation to you
depending on where you are at in the maze. you can't see all the dots,
ghosts, and Packman himself all at once. You only hear the ghosts
nearest to you as well as the power pills tunnels etc. Bomber Man
would have this same problem.
With Bomber Man sometimes you need to be aware of things happening on
screen in a different part of the grid than where you are. It would be
difficult if not frustrating to convey all this information to someone
who can't  see it. Especially, if you are only listening to sounds in
the immediate area where you, the player character, are located in the
grid at any certain place or time.
As far as power ups and such I certainly don't remember any pies. I
remember collecting bombs, flames, and that sort of thing, but no
pies. Are you certain it was pies?


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