Hey, I've a few suggestions for those that are good at developing games, which 
I'm not as I'm still working on learning the gaming code.
I am wondering if anyone has thought of trying some sort of versions of the 
following in an audio format?

Mario Brothers game, the original since its probably the easiest
you could still jump over the bad creatures and instead of stomping on them to 
kill them, shoot them, gain different weapons through different levels and 
accumulate points to gain extra lives. Collect coins/gold for points, jump lava 
pits, climb ladders, I don't know something like that

basic checkers on standard square board where each person tries to get to the 
other side of the board to get kinged and then they try to take out the 
opponents pieces to win

my yong/majong
I don't know how this is really spellt, but it's a tile game with numbers and 
symbols in colors that have to be matched or something, not to sure of the 
concept quite yet

The last two might be good projects for kitchensink or spoonbill software games?

trivial pursuit
go around the board answering questions, but if you land on a pie wedge 
question you have to guess that right to get your pie wedge color and game 
continues until you fill your entire pie, can't remember 5 or 6 slices. 
Questions are random, but divided into categories like science, health, history 
and so on. Roll of dice determines how far your piece moves over the board. 
Could use the monopoly dice concept along with triva questions with multiple 
choice answers.

similar to checkers in basic concept in a square board divided into squares. 
Each player has 32 pieces one person white, one black. Haven't played in a 
while, but I think object is to get all your pieces across to other side of 
board and turned over.

another board game with round pieces to move across, but can't remember concept 
of this one, I think no dice though, so like checkers in that way.

oregon trail
remember the ole classroom game most of us probably played as kids, well that's 
the one. This probably could be done with a mix of text, sounds and action. 
Text for picking your equiptment and reading the panels of what happens along 
the trail. Sound for the nature, indians, guns shooting, horses and whatever 
else could make sound. Action by shooting the deer, turkeys and fishing.

there was another one, but can't think of it right now.
Anyway, thought I'd just mention these in case anyone's interested.
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