I certainly understand where you're coming from, but if the game's too difficult, it gets to a point where your fastest reflexes won't help you out for long. Since Q9 is Philip's most recent game, let's use it as an example.You set game to insane and start walking around. at some point during the game a rhino, and about 5 other animals come galloping at you at full speed. what do we do in that situation? we can't kill them all without taking massive damage in the process, and since there's no way of dodging we can't attack them on mass, and hope to survive anyhow. so they all attack at once and we die within 10 seconds. In this situation you could say well jump away from them. We could do that, but what if there's a pit behind us? Also remember Q9 enemies follow you indefinitely once they see you so are we just gonna run all the way back to the beginning of the level, at which point we'll be trapped regardless? . if we jump forward and over them somehow, only thing that'll happen is we'll have another pile of enemies from that side added to our current predicament all ganging up on us. I don't find a difficulty like that fun or challenging, I find it extremely frustrating. Console games have a balance between the easiest and hardest difficulties that stays constant, and also within the realm of possibility to complete. even games that are extremely difficult and almost impossible to beat have a multiplayer option, or a way to get health items, or some such feature that'll spread, or lessen the burden of completing the game and that won't lead to frustration for the player for the next 3 years. I think if developers are going to put an extremely hard difficulty, they need to test it out or at least have a team that's good enough at the particular title to test it for them, and complete the game first to make 100% certain it's doable. Don't just put it out there without the slightest clue whether someone will ever be able to complete it. If I had the programming skills, I could make a game that has a difficulty setting with 350 creatures moving at 55mph and all attacking simultaneously in 3d space, but I know no one will ever complete such a game. and if no one can beat it and brag about it, then what would be the point? the clue's in the name guys. It's called game difficulty setting, not game impossibility setting. or unbeatable game setting.

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That's a two-sided coin. On one hand I can see how you can be a bit
exasperated with that (like I said, I do think Tarzan Junior is just a bit
too hard). But on the other hand, it becomes a matter of challenge, of
saying, "Ok,I made it to the Cave World Level 3, how far will I make it
today?" See where I'm going? But as I said, I do agree with you as well.

Best Regards,

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Dark, Here's the problem though. Has anyone actually completed any of
Philip's games on insane, beta team included? If yes then I congratulate you

for a job well done, but if not, we have a problem. especially since some of

his games have been out for a really long time. If people can't beat games
that have been out for years, This suggests to me that the game is almost
unbeatable. In that case, what would be the point of a difficulty so hard
that no one can beat? how about his recent games? can any of you claim
you've beaten Q9 on insane?

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