Glad I could help. The over all point I wanted to make was simply
don't be afraid to use common terminology to describe things in the
game or to use as commands. Most of us wouldn't be offended by terms
like look, see, watch, etc because we often use them to fit in with
mainstream society anyway. When we start down the politically correct
path, by changing a command from "look" to "perceive" we are setting
the blind individual up to be a special class of person apart from
anyone else when in fact all we want is to fit in with mainstream
society as best as we can. Most of us want to be treated like anyone
else with the exception our eyes are bad and sometimes we need special
equipment, software, etc to be equal with our mainstream
counterparts. Here is a case in point.

I don't know if you intend to show other interactive fiction
developers your test game or not, but if you were I'd prefer it to be
done right. By "done right" I mean treat it as any other interactive
fiction title but trim out some of the babble as you have done and the
"Your command?" line is fine too. the last thing we would want is for
other interactive fiction developers to think they have to say this or
that is so many steps away or that they have to add special commands
like "perceive" instead of "look" to keep from offending somebody.
That's not at all necessary. So what I'm getting at is since you are
writing an article on this we need to have a clear idea of what to do
and what not to do in future interactive fiction titles.


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