A few quick questions and answers.

Am I going to show this little test to anyone outside of this list?
Really short answer: heck, no. The game was only written to test out the
prompt and status line features. As I mentioned in my previous comment,
this is not intended to be a game in its own right, or become one. It's
just my little test bed. The only aspects I want to share with other
sighted authors is the benefit of changing the prompt, removing the status
line and considering adding more sensory descriptions. For example,
hearing a clock, rather than just seeing it. I do like the idea of setting
up additional sensory commands, though. Even being sighted, I feel like a
lot of interactive fiction just focuses on what can be seen. Why can't the
command "examine", for example, also include holding an object and getting
a feel for its weight, or texture?

What's with all the references to distances and so on?
Yeah, sorry. It's all ignorance on my behalf and unfortunately part of the
learning process. I think sighted people try so hard to do the right
thing, or show that we're wanting to understand, that we end up doing the
wrong thing anyway! It's quite interesting the way you talk about fitting
into mainstream society. For me, it's exactly the same, trying to fit in
here at Audyssey. So, thank you so much, I really do appreciate the
clarification and education. Not to mention the cool ideas you guys come
up with. It really does help.

What's the plan?
Well, to be honest, I'm not sure right now. Yes, I'm committed to creating
a document that looks at practical ways interactive fiction can be made
more accessible. When that's written I'll be letting some key people read
it and respond, so that I don't make any big mistakes or phrase something

In addition I'm currently learning to code in Inform 7. What I'd love to
do is write an extension that defines a really easy way to make Choose
Your Own Adventure style games in Inform 7, complete with a few options
that I'm playing around with to reduce the babble.

After that, I'm thinking of starting up a short form multiple choice story
competition (with some reasonable cash prizes) to encourage people to get
their creative juices flowing. It's particularly for those who aren't
coding minded, but there will be an innovation prize.

Well, I hope that clarifies a few things.



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