I was making a new computer timer for my wife, and I took an extra few minutes 
to make it Vi/blind accessible.  I haven't found any of the existing accessible 
timers so I can't really say whether mine is good or bad by comparison.  Here 
it is in case anyone wants to give it a try.

www.kaldobsky.com/audiogames/TimeReminder2.zip  (1.11 MB)

When you run it, as long as the window has focus you can just type to set it.  
Typing Help lists the commands.  Not like you'd ever need it, but you can have 
up to 50 timers set at once (within the same program).  You can set alarms for 
a relative amount of time, for a specific time of the day, or set it to chime 

It is as easy as typing "in 2h40m" to set an alarm that will go off in 2 hours 
and 40 minutes.  If you don't want to forget about some place you need to be, 
you can type "at 8:45 pm" for an alarm that will sound at 8:45 this evening.  
You can also say, for example, remember to check on something every 10 minutes 
by typing "every 10m".

I didn't design it to support months, but you can set an alarm that won't sound 
for weeks and weeks rofl!  You can swap out the wav files for other alarm 
sounds too if you like.  I recommend typing "Help" for a complete list of 
commands though, since I'm sure I'm not thinking of them all right now.  Enjoy. 

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