My wife and I were talking and we came up with a fun little idea. For all of 
you severely Vi/blind guys who have a webcam, or a laptop with a webcam mounted 
on it, this is a small program for identifying colors. Lets say you are picking 
out clothes to wear. You hold the shirt in front of the laptop (or camera), 
press the Space bar, and a voice tells you what color it is as well as the next 
2 most likely colors. I say "most likely" because webcam settings, room 
lighting, and even the types of light bulbs in the room can tint objects and 
offset the color a little. From my testing at home, it is pretty accurate. I 
was just wondering if something like this would be useful.

If anyone wants to give it a try, here it is. Press Space bar to check a color 
and press Escape to end the program. As a tip, hold the item close to the 
camera lens before you press the Space bar, and keep it there until the color 
is spoken. It works best this way.

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