Hi Bryan,

Yah, sounds about right. It has been like 10 years since I  read the
Jedi Academy series it would do me well to reread it.  Especially,
since Mysteries of the Sith takes place during that basic timeline It
wasn't long after the Jedi Academy series came out that Luke has Kyle
train Mara as a Jedi since for reasons of her own Mara didn't want
Luke to train her himself according to the Mysteries of the Sith
storyline, and apparently has ben adopted as cannon as Kyle actually
makes an apperance in the New Jedi Order books, and they briefly
mentioned he had trained Mara as a Jedi Knight in passing. All the
more reason to take what I know now and perhaps integrate it into my
version of the game such as Mara's force bubble ability she uses in
Balance Point, Bloodlines,  and a couple of other books. I  figure
that particular force power wasn't in the original Mysteries of the
Sith game was simply because her character wasn't that well defined
yet. At the time Mysteries of the ?Sith was released Mara had only
been in the Thrawn triligy, made a camio apperance in the Jedi Academy
series, and the Corellian triligy which had just ben written when the
game was released. So there wasn't much coverage of Mara to really get
a clear idea of what kind of Jedi she would become until the New Jedi
Order series came out around 2000 or so.

On 12/14/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Ah yes, that was Gantoris. He was indeed the first one Exar-Kun went after.
> Of course he ended up killing Gantoris rather than corrupting him. Kun
> showed Gantoris Admiral D'aala destroying the rest of his people on Dantuine
> and Gantoris attacked him. And if I'm not mistaken Kyp ended up carrying
> Gantoris' Lightsaber, a gift from Luke if I recall, after he turned from the
> Dark Side.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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