This is for all the players who have the game and want to know where all the characters are... and it's based on the ps3 version. The xbox360 should be mostly the same... and this assumes you've bought the dlc for the exclusive character from the other console.

Darth Vader, yoda, the apprentice, bonus characters
Lizardman, sofitia, Amy, Setsuka
Mitsurugi, Cassandra, rafael, Taki
Siegfried, custom character, random, nightmare
Hilde, Maxi, Voldo, Tira
Xianghua, Kilik, Asteroth, ivy
Yun-seong, seong-mina, rock, Cervantes
Talim, Yoshimitsu, Zasalamel, Algol

You read right. Darth vader and yoda are in soul calibur as guest characters... complete with lightsabers and force techniques. Along with them is the apprentice from the force unleashed. On the ps3 version, yoda will be a blank spot until you buy him as downloadable content. Bonus characters are where five female characters are selectable once you hit x. And the custom character is a character you've designed yourself in the character creation section of the game. Hope this is helpful to people interested... and because I'm not sure if the link to the mp3 with all the critical finishers was sent through, I'm going to send it again. Link is below:

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