Games We would like to play.
by Phil Vlasak
Kinect Egg Hunt.
With an intuitive, gesture-based interface, you reach out in front of you and pick up eggs and put them into your basket. With the new force feedback glove, you feel the egg with your finger tips but also feel the sharp pain as the chicken pecks at the back of your hand.

Inspired by the following article in today's news:
Asus is collaborating with the inventors of Kinect's motion-sensing depth technology to bring a similar PC-based 3D experience to your living room.

The WAVI Xtion multi-media system will debut at CES this week, but won't be commercially available until Q2 2011, Asus said in a press release.

According to Asus' statement, users will be able to browse multimedia content, access the Internet and social networks, and enjoy full body interaction "in a more user-friendly and natural living room experience."

Wavi Xtion uses technology from Tel Aviv-based PrimeSense, inventor of the Immersive Natural Interaction technology used to create the Microsoft Kinect's controller-free interaction experience. In June, PrimeSense said that the technology may move to PCs.

"ASUS combines its wireless cross-room solution with PrimeSense's simple, intuitive, gesture-based control technology to allow users to enjoy and share PC content on TV with gestures," said Kent Chien, general manager of Asus, in a statement.

"Natural Interaction's appeal to consumers means more monetization opportunities based on personalization, various branding and advertising programs inside applications."

At CES, Asus will also unveil Xtion Pro, a PC-exclusive 3D developers code base for developers to create their own apps and software. It is also creating an Xtion online store; both will launch commercially in February 2011.

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