Well, regarding Stella it uses SDL's cross-platform window manager and
text is drawn to the screen using SDL's API. Since SDL doesn't use the
Microsoft Win32 API Jaws, Window-Eyes, Hal, etc have no way of getting
any information about that window and the text on it. They depend
heavily on core Windows libraries like user32.dll, kernel32.dll,
shell32.dll, etc  to get the sstate of the window attributes etc. If a
program doesn't use the Win32 API and send its Window information via
that API Windows screen readers are effectively blind to what is on
the screen. That's why the menus etc in Stella don't talk.


On 1/13/11, Tom Randall <kf6...@comcast.net> wrote:
> I would add to this that if you try to bring Stella up by itself, e.g.
> without employing the command prompt to automatically load a game or
> otherwise having it load a game, the menus and dialogs within Stella appear
> to be completely inaccessible at least with Hal, NVDA and Window Eyes.  What
> this means is that you are going to have a very hard time setting up a
> joystick for instance instead of the keyboard to play games.  There may be
> some way around this however I have not found one yet.  If there isn't then
> you will need sighted assistance in order to configure the program to use a
> controler.  Nonetheless, Stella is an excellent alternative if you wish to
> play your old 2600 games and you either don't have a console or don't want
> to bother hooking one up.  I've got two of them actually but neither is
> hooked up right now so Stella is very convenient.
> Hope this Helps.
> Tom

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