Hi Phil,

Well, basically that's what my profiler does in MOTA. you press enter
on configure joystick and it lists a number of functions you can map
to buttons. It is currently incomplete, but the eventual aim of the
profiler is to make mapping functions to a joystick or game pad much
easier. Basically, you select a function like draw weapon, it will ask
you to select a joystick button, you press it, and the profiler maps
the function to that button. Easy as pie to setup a joystick or game
pad really quickly.

However, the problem of not having enough buttons still stands. That's
why I am adding various menus like the status menu, inventory menu,
view menu, etc to the game so you can press a button and get a list of
options to choose from. It saves me from combining a lot of status
messages into one long string of messages, and by having a menu there
you can scroll to find out exactly what you want. I'm finding by using
the menu system I can squeeze most of the actions I want on a 12
button joystick or game pad. More buttons gives a person more to work
with, but 12 will do in a pinch.


On 1/18/11, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I have the same problem assigning game pad buttons for Shades of Doom and
> the Sarah game.
> As they were originally designed for keyboards there was no reason to limit
> how many hot keys.
> In Sarah I am putting several status functions together to get more
> information with one key stroke and button press.
> For MOTA you could assign one button and one hot key to tell you your
> Strength, Health and Oxygen with one key or button.
> Of course this would slow down the gathering of vital information for the
> keyboard user.
> In the GMA engine, there is a configuration file that allows the player to
> assign each button to a function that is listed in the keystrokes file.
> This is not easy to do, as you need both files in a text editor to change
> the assignments.
> It would be better if this function could be done inside the game, with a
> menu of keystrokes and a menu of game pad buttons.
> Phil

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