Hi Kai,

Well, its like this. DirectInput can certainly handle multiple button
states. I do a little of that for walk, run, jump, etc. While
DirectInput certainly supports multiple buttons together to combined
moves my problem is creating a profiler that can map multiple buttons
at the same time I.E. be able to hold two buttons down and map them
both at the same time to a certain function.

For example, there are a lot of status functions like speak ammo,
speak health, speak strength, etc. Well, it makes sence if I created a
speech modifier button and hold that down with fire weapon it would
speak ammo. That's a logical button asignment. Problem is there are
things like speak health that doesn't have an associated action like
fire weapon, and you have to hold down the speech modifier key and the
speak health button at the same time to map them. I haven't figured
out how to do that yet.

I suppose one way to do it would be to ask for a modifier button,
press it, and then it asks you what button you want to use to speak
health etc. Basically, break it down into multiple steps like this.

"Please, select the speech modifier button."
"Please, select a button to speak health."

If done that way I imagine i could easily map more than one button to
any function. it just would involve more steps.


On 1/18/11, Kai <kaixi...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Greetings Thomas.
> A lot of console games, rather than assigning a specific function to every
> key, assign certain keys as modifiers, so that holding a key + another key
> performs a function.
> Lets take our Rumble 2 / F510 gamepad and MOAT as an example:
> One could hold down L2 (Button 7, the bottom left shoulder button) as a
> modifier. Pressing left/right would then make Angela run in the respective
> direction. Pressing up would then cause her to climb, and pressing down
> could then make her crouch.
> Holding R2 (Button 8, the bottom right shoulder button) plus a direction
> could cause Angela to jump in the appropriate direction.

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