's keyisfull not keywasfull

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On Jan 20, 2011, at 10:18 PM, shaun everiss <> wrote:

> well I'd like to do some sfx and maybe other things, sertainly test the game.
> I think you really should shove this in the bgt thing if you want.
> ask keywasfull if you can get on his bgt folder then ask him for permision to 
> use or look at his chopper code, its a bit like copter man chopper chace or 
> whatever the game is called, but you should get an idea how to do things that 
> way.
> just add to the dropbox.
> I may help with sfx, so we will see what happens.
> At 09:50 a.m. 21/01/2011, you wrote:
>> Well, there has been much talk in the past about a game building project 
>> that many people can participate in.  Well, I've begun one.  Now, here's 
>> where the rubber meets the road.  Here is where we'll see if gamers are all 
>> talk about this subject or if they add their own ideas.
>> The game
>> So far, here is the game, designed in VB6.  Yes, it's archaic or whatever, 
>> but it's what I know.  Wanna translate it?  Go ahead.
>> Anyway, the basic idea is that you and a friend just got a couple of those 
>> new battle copters, you know, the ones you fly around the house?  Well, 
>> you're in a living room that's about ten feet high, and 20 by 20.  You fly 
>> your chopper around the room, trying to shoot down your friend before he 
>> gets you.
>> The Trim:
>> Now, you're not the only one that flies this helicopter, because you have a 
>> young brother/sister/cousin that plays with it, so every time you start the 
>> game you'll need to adjust the trim to 0.  To adjust it, use the home and 
>> end keys.  As you adjust it, you'll hear the clicking of a knob that seems 
>> to move around your head. When it gets to 0, the sound of the knob turning 
>> will change and be directly in front of you.
>> To fly, hold down the page up key to gain altitude.  Since you're flying a 
>> helicopter, the faster the rotors turn, the higher it goes.  As you increase 
>> in height, your velocity in that direction also increases.  If you get going 
>> too fast you'll smash against the ceiling, and your chopper will fall.  You 
>> get about ten smashes before it's unusable.  Also, page down will slow the 
>> rotors, making the chopper descend.  You can show off to your friend by 
>> landing the chopper on your head, but that takes a lot of work and a little 
>> luck.
>> Use left and right arrows to turn, and up and down arrows to fly forward and 
>> backward.

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