Well, there has been much talk in the past about a game building project that 
many people can participate in.  Well, I've begun one.  Now, here's where the 
rubber meets the road.  Here is where we'll see if gamers are all talk about 
this subject or if they add their own ideas.
The game
So far, here is the game, designed in VB6.  Yes, it's archaic or whatever, but 
it's what I know.  Wanna translate it?  Go ahead.
Anyway, the basic idea is that you and a friend just got a couple of those new 
battle copters, you know, the ones you fly around the house?  Well, you're in a 
living room that's about ten feet high, and 20 by 20.  You fly your chopper 
around the room, trying to shoot down your friend before he gets you.
The Trim:
Now, you're not the only one that flies this helicopter, because you have a 
young brother/sister/cousin that plays with it, so every time you start the 
game you'll need to adjust the trim to 0.  To adjust it, use the home and end 
keys.  As you adjust it, you'll hear the clicking of a knob that seems to move 
around your head. When it gets to 0, the sound of the knob turning will change 
and be directly in front of you.
To fly, hold down the page up key to gain altitude.  Since you're flying a 
helicopter, the faster the rotors turn, the higher it goes.  As you increase in 
height, your velocity in that direction also increases.  If you get going too 
fast you'll smash against the ceiling, and your chopper will fall.  You get 
about ten smashes before it's unusable.  Also, page down will slow the rotors, 
making the chopper descend.  You can show off to your friend by landing the 
chopper on your head, but that takes a lot of work and a little luck.
Use left and right arrows to turn, and up and down arrows to fly forward and 
If you're in range, a target beep sounds, indicating that you're in range to 
shoot the other copter down.  Turn with the left and right arrows until the 
beeps are in front of you, then shoot with the space bar.  If you get him, it's 
your point--but if he shoots you down, it's his point.  In either case, the 
shot chopper will float down to the ground, and both will respawn at their 
starting locations, but will retain their former altitudes.
The enemy chopper starts out very slow.  It always comes after you, but the 
first little while it is slow.  This allows you to adjust your trim, get used 
to flying  and so on.  Every time you shoot him though, he flies a bit faster.  
Eventually, he will outfly and outgun you no matter how good you think you are. 
 Yep, another unbeatable game from DreamTech!  (You wouldn't really wanna be 
able to win now, would ya?)
Now, there are obstacles in the room, but you can smash 'em if you want.  The 
first is a TV, which is playing some weird music when the game starts.  To 
smash it, simply fly at an altitude of three feet or less, and go after it.  
More obstacles, such as lamps, are coming.

Page up for ascend, page down for descend, home and end adjust trim, left and 
right arrows for turning, a says your current angle, x says your current 
coordinates, v says your velocity, and space bar fires your gun.
 Note: This game is not only to be a community project, but it's an early early 
beta.  I've only been working on it for about two weeks now, but there are a 
couple things to fix. The ones I know are the frequency of the targeting beeps, 
and the way velocity is spoken--will be integers soon.  I know this, and I'll 
be working on them--but remember, you can too.
Also, realize that working with 3d audio isn't nearly as easy as panning  and 
volume--well, it wasn't in the beginning.  Now though, that you have a 
foundation to build on, it should be very simple.  I've included a book on 
programming vb6 that I found on the net, as well as a couple tutorials on 3d 
audio by Jack Hoxley.  
Before I tell you where to get the file, I want to encourage developers that 
programming isn't the only essential here.  Sounds and music are crucial too, 
so if you want to make sounds or music but don't have a clue about programming, 
you can join in as well.  The sound for Heli, your chopper, is basically a 
motor sound with the sound of a chain saw mixed in.  The sky's the limit when 
it comes to imagination.  (Yeah, I know it sounds silly, but wait till you hear 

OK.  Here's the link: 
Now, if you want to be a part of this, get a Dropbox account and let me know.  
I'll invite you, and our game folders will always be linked, so that I'll 
instantly know about any changes you make.

Ken Downey
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