So now that the game is less than a month away from release, I figured I'd post some stuff about how the games works, as a fighting game player and as someone who's been wanting this game for years... gameplay first though.

Marvel Vs. capcom 3 is going to be 3 on 3 like marvel vs. capcom 2. For those who don't know, 3 on 3 does not mean six-player action. You choose a team of three characters, and you duke it out with another team of three. You play until one team has been eliminated all the way. The trick is, as you play you can tag characters in and out, so you can strategize who you want to use when. The gameplay is fast, but not quite as fast as MVC 2. However, it still may take some time to get used to the game if you aren't used to that speed. I urge everyone not to make this a turnoff though, as getting used to how fast MVC play can be is not as bad as it seems. The game will feature the usual special moves along with super flashy hyper combos aka super moves that you can perform. The super meter has five bars this time around, and each character will have what are called two level 1 supers and one level 3. These take up one level of your meter and three, respectively.

The controls in marvel vs. capcom 3 are as follows: three attack buttons and a fourth button known as the exchange or e button. This button is used for launching opponents into the air for an air combo as well as being used to tag partners in and out. A list of the buttons follows:
A: light attack
B: medium attack
C: heavy attack
E: exchange button.

A, B, C and e are how the buttons are going to be listed in faqs and guides.

This game has at least 30 characters, with probably more to be revealed. Capcom characters will have the option for english or japanese voice acting, and marvel characters will posess english only. I will list as many of the characters as I remember, and for the capcom characters I will list what series they are originally from. Marvel characters will only have their names, as I'm not as knowledgeable about comics as I would like to be.

Capcom lineup:
Akuma: Street fighter
Chun li: street fighter
Ryu: Street Fighter
Morigan: Darkstalkers
Felicia: darkstalkers
Dante: Devil May Cry
Trish: Devil May Cry
Chris Redfield: Resident Evil
Viewtiful Joe: from the viewtiful joe series
Albert Wesker: Resident Evil
Tron-bon: Megaman
Crimson Viper: Street Fighter
Zero: Megaman
Mike Hagger: Final fight

Marvel Lineup:
Captain America
Spider Man]
Iron Man
DR. Doom
Phoenix / dark phoenix

That's all I can think of for now... enjoy the info... and when I get the game on the day of release, expect a recording!

PS: for all those concerned about learning hard inputs for moves, fear not. There is a simple mode for those players who just want to jump right in and play. One button will be assigned to regular attacks, one for special moves and one for hyper combos. This will be opposed to the standard fighting game fare of quarter circle motions, dragon punch motions, etc.

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