Hi tom.

The chief reason I can see for random monsters, is to provide interest in the rest of your game.

Gameplay wise Q9 scores over superliam in my book because while they have basically the same formular, walk along left to right, jump holes, smack stuff when close etc, q9 has randomly occurring monsters so that there is no possibility of just learning where things are.

That being said, there really aren't many other factors to play with in a game like Q9. it has pits, it has monsters and power ups and that's it. No spaces to explore and certainly no puzles. Therefore the randomness makes up for this very nicely.

In a conventional side scroller though, if the game mechanics, level size and difficulty are sufficiently worked out, there is more than enough to keep the gamer busy.

Why are people even now stil playing games like original mario brothers and super metroid, even when they know the enemy positions very well.

Because, the mechanics are stil a challenge, even if you do know where things are.

I personally love discovering area specific enemies and bosses, and would much rather have this than randomness, ----- especially if the levels were far larger.

As to puzles and traps, how about an easy mode for compromise.

I'm not just thinking here of mucking about with game mechanics, but of something potentially plot specific which could provide audio help similar to the eva in shades of doom.

Say, on easy mode angela takes a radio with her and has a mate on the surface with a sonar scanner who's monitoring the temple.

Contacting this person in game will give her hints, ---- for instance "that's a pretty big fire pit, it'll take a major jump" or "I can trace workings running from that door to a leaver somewhere above and to the left"

A very similar system was used in Mega man aniversary collection, the rerelease of all the classic series games on the gamecube and ps2, where pausing the game would cause Dr. Light, roll, or some other of Mega man's allies to pop up with hints about especially difficult places in each level.

This also doesn't mean you need to muck about with game mechanics for difficulty levels, altering monsters hp or turning on and off ledge warnings etc.

Btw, I know LAra croft is something of a lone wolf, but Lara is also english! there's no reason for Angela to be exactly the same.

As for voice acting, yes, it would probably take a fair few lines. However, there are certainly people in the audio games community who might be able to help, ---- including myself, ---- assuming you don't mind Angela having an English tech specialist assistant ;d.

Beware the grue!


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