Hi Ken,

In my experience as a programmer languages that don't enforce explicit
variable declarations always lead to mistakes and poor programming.
For example, when writing scripts in Python I've made simple typos
that Python accepted without complaint and it was only after running
the program/script I discovered it wasn't working right. A quick look
at the code revealed I misspelled a variable and Python created a new
variable on the stack not knowing that it was a mistake, and thus I
unintentionally wrote buggy code.

It is things like that which has turned me against languages that
don't enforce explicit variable and function declarations. Its both
sloppy coding and can lead to unnecessary mistakes. When given the
choice I'd always prefer to have a language like C++, Java, etc  that
enforces strict capitalization rules and explicit variable


On 1/28/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> Ok, for example, in coding for 3d you have to write something like
> heli3d.setposition 5, 0, 5, ds3d_immediate
> Well, I came across three different variants I hadn't realized were even
> there.  First I had ds3d - immediate,
> in another place I had ds3d_imeediate
> and somewhere else I had d3d_immediate.
> The option explicit made me see all those problems and fix them.
> I am using NVDA, and wordpad to do the programming, so the punctuation
> wasn't spoken--and it would drive me nuts if it were, so I missed all that.
> The option explicit is like a net.  Yeah, having to declare variables is a
> pain, but I think it saves some time in the long run.
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