Hi Kai,

Exactly my point. You spelled it out a lot better than I could. The
degree of realism and functionality of even some of the simple
mainstream games are light years more advanced than the most advanced
accessible game you can think of or name.

Of course, the primary reason for that is difference in education and
skill level. Most VI programmers don't even have a college degree when
the people writing pro software have at least a B.A. in computer
science. The more skilled may have a Masters degree. It is hard for us
to compete with such a steep difference in education and skill level.


On 2/4/11, Kai <kaixi...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> greetings Thomas.
> I definitely agree with you about the vast differences between mainstream
> and accessible game complexity. Syphon Filter, as a quick and dirty example,
> allows the character to jump, duck, roll, sprint, yata yata. On top of that,
> he can aim his weapon independently, rather than just turning his body to
> orient the gun. This is by far much more realistic, particularly for pistols
> which are able to be aimed quite freely due to their lower shock. Rifles may
> not be as flexible, but even they were aimable up, down, and side to side.
> Shotguns has a spread effect, which allowed the player to be slightly less
> accurate and still manage a hit. Worse yet, Syphon Filter is a fairly
> simplistic game where these mechanics are concerned, so if that' simplistic,
> Shades of Doom would be like child's play. Worse thing about SOD, as I've
> mentioned before, is that it doesn't really do proper calculations for
> impact... gun fires, you're hit if you're where the monster is aiming.
> There's no bullet physics (which, due to recoil and skill could cause a
> bullet to miss even if the player's in the right position), no projectile
> speed differences to distinguish between the speeds of the different weapons
> (a laser pistol fires just as fast as a bolt-action rifle in SOD), no time
> dilation to reflect distance from target, etc, etc.
> SOD was good for it's time, but we really need a new approach.
> Kai

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