Hi yoandy and others.
i have a gba and a ps2 here, including this pc that's very good for
gaming purposes and i'm always looking forward to games that are
playable for us. unfortunately i can't get much enjoyment out of rock
band, although i have rb 1, 2, 2 track packs, gh 1 2 3 world tour and
smash hits i prefer the rb series, and it's unfortunate that they aren't
updating it in the ps2, but going back to the topic, i also enjoy
fighting games such as mk, sf 4, urban reign, and all the others, the
reason that i don't comment in the videos is just because i know very
little information about the background of characters, moves, etc.
usualy i don't play these games to earn more achievements, first because
with the years passing i have less and less time, even to login and talk
in msn, so when i feel like playing a fighting game for example i just
pick it up, complete it one time or so, beat some peoples, and i feel
good with it. however it's my preference and i know that others have
different kind of view in everything.
just curious, i missed the message with the link for the ceminar, is it
still available for downloading?
i agree that the blind community should be interested in more of these
games, guys, it's easy, memorization is only needed if you want to
change all the options, music, etc etc, for example if you're used to
these games, even if you aren't with some little efforts you can find
where a training menu, vs. mode, etc are in fighting games, the menus
are in lots of times in a similar order.
not to mention that some games, including all the dbz budokai series
(which i own all of then for ps2, and i really love all of then) i'm
surprised why no one did a review for the games and sent to brandon.)
the menus in this game are all talked, virtua fighter 4 if i remember
right menus are also with voice, so this is no excuse for you guys to
say that "it's too difficult". i wish i had a current gen console such
as ps3 or x360, even a psp would do, but unfortunately i can't afford
it, but a ps2 is not all that expensive.
if you guys want  to get started in these games, just say and i can do a
long podcast explaining 5 games for example. some games i don't even
remember the menus, i just pick it and see what is what. memorization
can go as little or as much as you want, rb for example is the extreme.
menus are very easy to navigate, they don't even wrap, but the sounds
are hard to play in the higher difficulties, it takes lots of
memorizations indeed, but there are some things that help us play the
game, such as the pitch of the notes, and knowing the song, and various
other things.
for those of you that only played audiogames, i don't even know if they
can be compared to these mainstream games, some of then in my opinion
can, but there are rare ocasions, very very rare.
yes, we are restricted to a small genre of games, including ritm games,
fighting, beat'em ups and if you feel like trying, sports may even be
accessible, like soccer, with the commentary giving so much information
it's easy to know what's happening. pitermach said that even the
drifting mode in need for speed was accessible, i was surprised, i still
need to try it out.
so, here are my cents, i'm not pretending to criticise anyone with these
arguments, just to complement with what others have said.
i'm playing videogames for lots of years, the first console i had was a
snes, but i also played the mega drive(or genesis)(streets of rage!!)
and in the past i've also had a ps1, i think i still have it in my
father's house, i think it works.
if you're pretending to buy a console that will offer you fun and help
you get started, i recommend ps2 definitely, the games now are cheap to
but of course if you have money, get the new consoles.
hope we can continue discussing this topic, with more peoples knowing
about these sighted games, the more we can hope to see games that will
offer accessibility for the blind, at least talking menus and features
that will help us in more dificulty games, like rpg, etc.
just one more thing that i remembered. another example of a totaly
playable game for us, for the pc platform, is shank. even with the
platforms and stuff, you require little memorization to complete the
game although the fighting part is challenging. me and many others have
did it, so even if you have a pc, there's still some games you can
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when I said unrealistic, I was referring to the fact that no developer is
ever going to cater to them. so if you're waiting for such a video game to
come out, you'll be waiting for a very long time. Also my email wasn't
intended to sound accusatory in any way. I'm just a bit frustrated with the
community as a whole and most people's unwillingness to even try some of
these games out simply because it's way easier to assume they can't play
them. It wasn't personal or anything, and I apologize if it seemed that way
to you. I'd like to also point out that we don't play games simply based on
memory alone. yes we memorize menus, moves etc, but the way you put it it
sounds as if we just button mash and hope for the best. Like any average
sighted person, these games require practice and skill as well to actually
complete, and being blind has nothing to do with how well a blind person
plays the game. A sighted person doesn't just magically know all the combos
and is automatically good at a particular game, they also need to practice.
sometimes for months, to get good at a game on a competitive level.

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