Hi Charles,

That's kind of hard to do. For one thing the kinds of fighting games
Yohandy, Clement, etc are talking about are extremely fast pased
gqames. We are talking somewhere between 50 to 60 frames per second.
It can be so fast that there isn't time to breath let alone talk
between moves. So starting and stopping in the middle of a complex
combat sequence isn't practical.

The other thing you said is to slow it down so a person can hear the
moves being performed. Again this isn't really possible. There is no
speed control per say on these things. They are set to an extremely
high frame rate to make them challenging and you have to think and act
extremely fast. So I'm not sure of how to demonstrate what people are
talking about in a way that is practical.

I suppose one way would be to record it, chop up the recording, and
then insert naration and/or comments when and where possible. However,
in order to get through one minute of fighting it would have to be
stopped several times just to explain everything. Hope this makes a
little more sense.


On 2/9/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I would like, and it might be a big help to others who haven't tried this
> sort of approach, to hear a recording of blind person playing such games,
> slowed down to a point to where you can hear the audible cues, have them
> explained during a short pause, then have the action continue.  Sort of like
> descriptive narration at a slow pace, then hear the same sequence replayed
> at normal speed to hear the pace.  The ideas are interesting even if it
> isn't my type of game.
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