I didn't mean bosses were specifically a problem clemment, but bosses in platform games are nothing like ones in fighting games.

For one thing, the arena your in plays a massive part, indeed for many bosses which tower over you it's getting yourself in a position where their weekspot is in range of your weapons that is half the problem, many bosses require you to avoid hazards in the room, use moving platforms, or even jump on their own projectiles just to get a hit on them, and that possibly only at very specific times.

Then, where as in a fighting game you always know that an enemy's attacks are coming from them specifically, with many of the mega man bosses, attacks can come from literally direction.

Overdrive ostridge for instance in mega man x 2 had an attack where he caused a rain of projectiles to come down from the air right across the arena. You couldn't escpae this, the only way to get out of it is to stand betwene two of them, and sinse where they're launched depends upon your injitial position this can be complex.

Also bare in mind, while! this was going on, ostridge was stil firing his standard shots at you, or attempting to hit you either by charging at you (which you needed to jump), skip charging at you which you needed to attempt to run under, or vanishing and then landing on you which rrequired you to run away at the last moment.

Combine this with the fact that you fought ostridge in an area of overlapping sand comprising hill valley, hill valley, you frequently had to run to different points to escape his charges, for instance to run undernieth his high charge you needed to be in a valley, where as to jump is ground charge you were better on a hill.

Also, audio kews wise, both charges had the same sfx, --- and bare in mind that in the mega man games as in most platformers, if you even touch a boss your damaged (it was quite possible to run into ostridge accidently when jumping his projectiles if your too close).

Then, when you get to the zero series, bosses get truly! insane.

I'm not trying to be discouraging, just realistic. If you had someone there to describe where you were, rough arena layout and what was happening, you may be able to get through some of the game, but it would take a lot of description and considderable practice.

Beware the grue!


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