On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 01:14:58PM -0800, Matthew Alvernaz wrote:
> Hi, I definetly would be interested in something like that.

[My Reply:]

        Not me, really.  Not for something cartridge-based, and not 8 
bit.  I recently just spent $1000 on a Core-Duo Windows laptop, and 
$3500 on a Quad-Core Linux desktop, and going back to the 1980's for 
processor speed and power when there are already two well-established 
64-bit platforms to write for doesn't really appeal to me.

        While 8-bit systems can do alot, you really have to get down to 
writing in assembly language again to bring out what they can really do, 
because of memory limitations.  By the time you got the speech 
synthesizer core installed, there would hardly be any room left for 
games or much else.  Spending $200 to play Pong, Asteroids, or Space 
invaders when those programs are already on Linux is kind of like 
putting the cart before the horse.  With a little creative editting, the 
linux games could be made accessible and ported to Windows, though how 
you'd make a popular side-scroller like Defender accessible, I dunno.

        Sorry, but I just can't see spending money for a well-outdated 
platform, when I'd rather see the software on platforms I've already paid 
out the nose for.


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