On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 01:46:27AM +0000, Scott Chesworth wrote:
> Dunno if it's fair to say that Linux is the only market trying to make
> their system fully accessible,

        Oh, I know Mac and Windows are working toward the same goals, 
but since I know little about it, I feel I don't really have the right 
to comment.  I can see what the NVDA project is doing for Windows, but I 
haven't really seen what JAWS and Window Eyes can do for Windows, except 
in brief demonstration snatches, and I think Mickeysoft dropped the ball 
NVDA has taken up for them, especially since Mickeysoft is trying to 
rule the Internet for the big-business pukes.

        Narrator is only a drop in the bucket, and shipping Windows only 
with their disgusting Microsoft Sam voice when there are much better 
voices available for free from their website, just makes me want to 
shove their Installation CD's where the sun don't shine.  I had to spend 
$150 for Win XP Home from Comp USA, because I didn't have Internet 
access to Amazon, so I don't feel I owe them one thing more for the 
piece of crap they sold me.  Especially when you can hack their 
licensing configuration and have it access 128G's of RAM and who knows 
how much in memory stick size, rather than being stuck with 4G's of RAM 
and 32G's of memory stick size.  They did it so they could sell the 
exact same program to someone else for thousands, making them feel like 
they've been sold something special, when it's just the same thing 
everyone else has with the locks removed.  Microsoft is pulling off the 
biggest rip-off of the public ever made, and I hate, Hate, HATE 


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