On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 11:01:24AM +1300, shaun everiss wrote:
> on that note we almost want to build the console round a preexisting engine.

        Yeah, but how is the majority of the blind community going to 
pay for all of this, especially in this economy.  If we're not on 
welfare, then we're spending the majority of our money on accessibility 
items to try to keep current with our work environments.  $1000 for a 
screen reader, $2000 for an accessible PDA or smart-phone, $4000 for an 
accessible GPS, $10,000 for a braill display...

        Windows and the game console market simply doesn't want to deal 
with us.  We're an unprofittable nitch market, and they have to charge 
us 10 times the going rates just to break even on any project.

        Eventually you guys are gonna wake up and smell the roses and 
realize that Linux is the only market out there that's even trying to 
make their system fully accessible.  The SpeakUP screen reader is now 
part of the Linux kernel, making the text console fully accessible.  It 
will remain part of Linux from now on, unlike Windows Narrator, which 
only supports the Windows operating system itself, and nothing else.  
You can't even use it to go on the web to find something better like 
NCDA.  You can't even use Narrator to help you install Windows, unlike 
Linux, which has many distributions with accessible installation setups.

        The developers of the Orca screen reader for the Linux GUI have 
also come a long way. I only have a monitor still, because I only 
occasionally need sighted assistance for something, and with a little 
scripting in a few other languages, they're working on supporting it 
all, and they're not charging anyone a cent.  Have a problem?  File a 
bug report and watch it get fixed. 

        Like Thomas said, the game console development market just blew 
him off when he assed for more support for accessibility.  It's only 
recently since they started adding wheelchair ramps in standard design 
for public access.  You're not going to find it for the home design 
market for a long time to come, let alone the kitchen appliance market.

        I hope you folks wake up soon and see what Linux is doing for 
us, and doing it in a big way, and doing it all free of charge.  If 
there's any platform out there made for us, it's Linux.  Yes, there's a 
steep learning curve, but DOS had the same curve in the beginning.  
Without our support and input, Linux just may end up being another 
Windows Narrator, and that would be a shame.  All I know, is that my 
Linux console is accessible from power-on to power off now, and when I 
hear you folks discussing writing for other platforms, I can only wonder 
how insane it all sounds.  If you want to pick up your brooms and 
continue sweeping up the sighted community's messes, feel free.  We 
Linux converts will just sit back and laugh and shake our heads.  You're 
only hurting yourselves, bashing your brains against the wall again and 


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