Well, since I am not planning on using any platform specific API for
handling keyboards I probably won't have access to the arrow keys,
page up/down, home and end keys, etc because those require specific
scan codes. If I want to get access to those keys I'd have to use SDL,
DirectInput, or some other high-level input API which really isn't
necessary for this kind of game. The easiest and most cross-platform
way of doing this is simply to map the letters a through z, numbers 0
through 9, tab key, enter key, spacebar, etc using the ascii standard.
 This should pretty much work on everything since keyboards almost
always return an ascii code for standard letters, numbers, and other
common keys.
What I have in mind though will probably work just as well. If you
wanted to take something you would press t. Then, you would be
prompted to select something.

What would you like to take?

Ax (a)
Sword (s)
Torch (t)

If you press the s key you will pick up the sword. Then once you have
it you might press x followed by the s key to examine it.

You are holding a beautiful Elvin made broadsword. As you hold it the
sword begins to glow with an unatural silver light. As you examine the
hilt you discover a bright blue glowing gemstone. When you turn it
over you see the words "Dragon Doom" etched in gold lettering. You
suddenly realise this must be the legendary magical sword carried by
the Elvin warrior, Arwin, over a thousand years ago.
Enter command:

This is, in my personal opinion, easier than typing "take sword" and
then typing "examine sword." Plus it lists exactly what is in your
inventory and you can select something with a single command instead
of a string of text.


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