Hi David,

Interesting. Although, as I said if I do go with the easy menu
navigation idea, which seams to be pretty popular with the comments
I've been seeing on list, menus won't be able to scroll for the simple
reason there is no way to get to certain keys like the arrow keys,
page up/pagedown, function keys, just because they require hardware
scan codes requiring platform specific event driven APIs which shoots
cross-platform compatibility down the toilet. However, generic keys
such as a through z, 1 through 9, tab, enter, space, etc can be easily
accessed by comparing the key with its ascii key code. Since the ascii
key codes are standardized this pretty much works with most generic
keys, but just not for extended keys.

So if you did press say x for examine item, and say the number 5 to
examine sword that would be just as quick and easy as you described
over all. That's two key/button presses verses typing out "examine
sword" which isn't as easy to do on a phone.


On 2/20/11, David Chittenden <dchitten...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> After some discussions about various interfaces which I was recently
> involved in, I would be keen on both first letter menu activation, and a
> generic key which would bring up all of the possible commands; like the
> alt key in windows.
> As I have an iPhone, I would love to see more text adventure games in
> that format. Note that many of the current text adventure games which I
> have on my iPhone give a list of choices which you double or split tap
> to select your choice and then you tap the proceed button.
> David Chittenden, MSc, CRC, MRCAA
> Email: dchitten...@gmail.com

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