You missed latin, ancient norman, cornish, welsh, galic and probably a hole load of others ;d.

english is sort of the biggest linguistic thief in the world!

I never could get french, because I started off doing spanish in school and spanish has to be the easiest language spelling wise ever!

Every letter in every word is spoken aloud accept for the letter h at the beginning of some words for instance habitacion, ie room, who's phonically correct sound would be something like hab bit tath thee on, with the spanish th sound on the c and a long oo at the end.

After that French was a nightmare.

interestingly enough, I'm now looking at learning at least enough Italian so that I can sing in the language convincingly, especially considdering that my singing teacher sets me to do some pretty intensive Italian voice exercises, and once again, it seems to be as ponetic as Spanish (though i admit I haven't looked at that much yet).

Beware the grue!


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