Hi Mich,

Unfortunately, that's usually not the case. Just because a word sounds
right doesn't mean it is correct. The English language is filled with
words that change spelling based on context and meaning.

For example, none, as in nothing, and nun, a Cathlic woman who has
devoted her life to God. There is hear, as in you listen to something,
and here, as in a place. There is sight, as in vision, and site, as in
you quote something from a source. There is seen, as in you saw
something, and scene, as in a part of a play or movie. There are
litterally hundreds of cases like this where the word might be
technically spelled correct, sound right, but used in the incorrect
context. thus being a spelling error.

For instance, last summer my wife and I were out looking at yard
sales. There were yard sale signs everywhere, and I remember at the
end of this one road someone posted a large yard sale sign letting us
know where the house was. Nothing unusual about that. What was wrong
with the sign in huge letters they spelled the word sail, s a i l, as
in the sail of a ship rather than s a l e, which is you are selling
something. When a person who knows better sees something like that it
just makes the person who wrote it that way look uneducated. Although,
it is an easy mistake to make given that the words sound exactly the
same, but are spelled totally different based on context.

Anyway, to get things back on topic this kind of confusion makes it
hard to play interactive fiction games because if you are playing a
game about a ship and spell sail, s a l e, instead of s a i l you are
going to get an error, and you might not know why. This is a case
where close doesn't cut it. Either you know or don't know the proper
spellings for things in games like that. Fortunately, with winfrotz,
adrift, etc you can look at the screen to find the proper spelling for
things if you get mixed up as to which spelling is correct. As Romona
put it "which witch is which?"

On 2/21/11, Mich <m...@ntl.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Hi to dark. Dark said "I tend to
>> spell everything phonetically and because I don't tend to mind as long as
>> it
>> sounds right" to witch I say I do the same thing!!! and think the same as
>> you do regarding if it sounds Wright then it must be. I am happy that
>> there is another blind person who does the same thing as I do where
>> spelling is concerned. well just putting in my 2 sense worth on this
>> topic. from Mich.

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