Plot and objective:
You are wandering the streets of Missouri, USA.
You, the character of this game, is  the kind of person that likes to talk
to strangers; only problem is: they do not always  like to talk to you!
So as you approach strangers, your character will randomly choose one of 5
topics to converse with the stranger about based on a randomizer in the
game: Barbie dolls, pop music, movies,  pop corn and news events.
Some strangers will get irate and attack you.
You, the game character, doesn't fight back, but instead, block the attacks
with either shift key, depending where the attacker taunts you; left or
right .Some strangers is too fast for you to block their attacks.
so you see a building far off.
You run as fast as you can into this building.
You wander about in this building, consisting of branching passages.
You can only hide for a while in the building after you are teleported back
to the streets  once the timer reaches 0.
Seldomly, a begger will ask you for food.    
If you buy him fruit or bread from the nearby rural shop, the attacking
strangers will be defeated and disappear temporarily or  permanently based
on a randomizer.
Buy him fast food such as hot chips and the attacking strangers will double!
If I or someone else  manage to develop this game, movement will take place
as in treasure hunt; pressing and holding down an arrow key to walk in that

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