Plot and objection, so, you have impressed your pet  owner a lot by all the
funny things  you do and say.
So he decides to take you with him to the bar.
You impress the bar   tender so much that he appoints you as junior bar
tender. So you get a grip on a glass of drink with your beak.
You do this by  slowly descending with your  beak with your down arrow.
 you have to wait for a little piece of music playing.
The moment the music stops, you have to press down arrow immediately.
This repeats a couple of times  until you are right at the drink with your
beak .Now listen for a beeping sound, the moment it stops press control
followed by shift very quickly to get a grab unto the drink.
This will repeat a few times until you got a firm grip of the drink.
Now you must deliver the drinks to customers.
You fly by means of 3g game movement, until you hear a voice saying ahh,
with a rough voice  tone; followed by a short piece of music.
Make sure you find the table before that music stops or you'll be reported
by the irate customer!
If the music is in the g key , deliver the drink, if its in g flat then go
on until you get an ah,  sound followed by a short piece  of music in the g
key . Once at the table, you will hear another  short piece of music
transposing; frequently changing keys. 
When it reaches g, release the drink unto the table with the following keys
in the right order and in quick  succession.
Down arrow,  enter, shift and backspace. 
Watch out! Sometimes the music man decides only to play 2 bars in g  so
you'll have little time to deliver that drink before the music transposes to
another key again!
And it might also take long before it decides to visit the g key  again, and
the customer gets more  irate by the second!  
Once the customer has its drink, you have 15 seconds to find the table of
the senior bar tender to get the next drink to be delivered.   during this
time a short piece of music will play, rising in tempo as the time runs out.
Of course you  will tell the bar man what is the next drink to be delivered.
You're a talking  parrat, aren't you?
 The bar tender is so amazed with you, he appoints you as  bouncer of the
bar. You have to throw out all the misbehavers.
Fly in 3d game movement until you get to a person you think misbehaves, then
give him a   nasty bite on his nose with your p and f5 keys in immediate
succession and in the right order.
Watch out! Some people will make wild jokes, but they are not necessarily
misbehavers !IN that case, uh what can I say!
Ouch! You lose a life, the bartender throws you into the ice container and
shuts it!
You get 3 lives.

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