Hi Ben,

Yes, I know. You can blame the naming issue on Scholastic. For reasons
no one will ever understand, including J. K. Rowling herself,
Scholastic insisted that the name be changed for the U.S. market even
though it was being marketed in the U.K. by Bloomsberry  as Harry
Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. As you might have guessed the
movies, games, toys,  etc followed the patern. In the U.S. it was
named one thing and in the U.K. another. Its not something we can do
anything about, and I've gotten use to calling it by both names.

At any rate you might be surprised I have a complete copy of the Harry
Potter books published by Bloomsberry instead of Scholastic for that
very reason.  Scholastic basically took the books, heavily  edited
them, and made it easier to follow by an American audience by changing
the names of things when and where necessary. I didn't really like it,
because they changed the story a little too much in my opinion.

For example, in Chamber of Secrets when discussing the Ford Anglia the
U.K. version uses English names for things like the boot and  bonnet
of the car.  In the American release they use trunk and hood instead.
Instead of using toilet they inserted the word bath room. These are
relatively miner changes, but I personally like reading it exactly as
J. K. Rowling wrote it instead of reading it second hand after some
American editor got done changing this and that to fit their idea of
how the book should read. So, yeah, I agree if you read the U.K.
versionand then the U.S. version it seams quite strange to see how
much difference there is over all.


On 3/5/11, Ben <gamehead...@aol.co.uk> wrote:
> By the way tom.  Not meaning to be picky... but in the uk, its philosopher's
> stone - it just, no offence meant, seemed a bit weird you calling it by that
> name... but that's just me.  Don't take it personally.

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