Hi Dark,

That's precisely my point. That's why I personally purchased the
versions published by Bloomsberry. The characters are from England,
the books takes place in England, and the American copies have been
edited to be more Americanized. I found it slightly odd myself, and
I'm not even from the U.K. Lol!

Anyway, to bring this back on topic with gaming the odd thing is you
see this in the Harry Potter games as well. If you fire up
Philosopher’s  Stone for the PC it will ask you what language you want
the characters to speak in. They have American English, British
English, German, Spanish, etc. I can certainly understand having
options for foreign languages like French, German, and Spanish but
having American acters doing Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron, etc is
weird.  Why didn't they just stick with the U.K. acters for the
English cutscenes?

On 3/5/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I would find that absolutely insane, english characters using American
> terms, ---- heck when something from America comes out over here we don't
> have it edited to use the British terms for things at all, in fact I
> remember being quite litle when my dad explained to me that American words
> for clothing such as pants and shorts didn't mean the same thing as over
> here.
> I wonder what they did about the very english slang such as git as an insult
> or Loo for toilet which both come up in the books.
> The one odd thing is jk does use the term "moaning mertle's bathroom" on
> occasion even in the original uk edition, she alternates betwene this and
> calling it a toilet as would be usual over here.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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