As some people may know, I'm a huge fan of the gamebook series the chronicles 
of arborell found at www.arborell.com 

One of the few problems with gamebooks, is that of combat, being as it's just 
you rolling dice in a highly dull grindy you hit it and lose x amount of hp 
type of way, so the gm of the site, wain densly has recently (ie a couple of 
days ago). 

Produced a more complex combat system where your character can choose a type of 
attack, then the enemy defends, and if the defense is successful, a certain 
amount of points are lost. 

The system is explained in a fair degree of detail, and looks a great 
resolution for the various combats, see the rules pdf at 

My concern however, is this will make combats deeply long winded, sinse it'll 
involve looking up four different sets of numbers on various tables. 

Already there are people who don't play the randomly generating gamebook 
adventure torchlight, sinse they do not like the table system used to generate 
rooms, monsters and creatures (and that involves only three tables). 

This sort of task though, namely in putting some numbers such as your 
opponents' combat value, then getting some out, such as your opponent's attack 
etc strikes me as one which a program could do far more easily than a human 

Even if the program didn't track endurence lost but simply asked you for attack 
type, defense type etc and threw up the correct numbers that would be a 
distinct advantage. 

I'm not sure if Jacob, Tom, or anyone else could do this, but it would be a 
great bennifit to the chronicles, for vi and sited players alike. 

Unfortunately the gm, while a great author and gamebook writer, is not a 
programmer which is why he hasn't done this himself. 

if I had the skills (which I assume are relatively basic), to create some 
number generators according to the system, I'd try myself, but sadly I don't 
currently, nor do I have the time to learn, though from the litle I know, 
making this slightly automated and taking a load off players' shoulders in this 
way would be no more difficult than creating a casino game like black jack, 
sinse it just involves putting in numbers, standard dice rolling and adding 
appropriate modifyers. 

hopefully someone can help with this, and thus give everyone a fine set of 
gamebooks with a good and detailed combat system. 

All the best, 

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