Really it would depend upon how much of the process you want to automate.

At the moment the process goes like this:

1, your told the combat value of an attacker (or yourself), in the text.

2: you decide (or make a roll for if it's an npc), what type of attack to use, thrust, sweep, charge, or strike and look up the difficulty of making that attack on a table relative to the combat value of your opponent.

3: you decide (or roll for), what part of your opponent to attack, head, torso or limbs, and look up the difficulty of making that type of attack on a similar table.

4: you then add these two numbers together and roll 2 D6, if the number is less than the difficulty you've made a successful attack.

5: If the attack is successful you look on yet another table to gett the difficulty of defending against that type of attack.

6: you then either decide or roll for the type of defense used and compare it on another table against the type of attack.

7: you add these two numbers together and roll 2 D6, a roll of less means the defense has been successful.

8: if the attack succeeds and the defense fails, you then look up on the damage table to see what damage that type of attack at that body part does.

There are also some rules for adding modifyers for the size of opponent and environment of the combat but sinse these are fairly basic editions and don't involve tables I don't think they need worrying about.

My main concern is all the looking up on tables.

If you could enter the combat value, type of attack, targit of the attack and type of defense, and get the attack difficulty, defense difficulty and damage, this woulod make life significantly easier, ---- heck, you could automate the hole process and do the D6 rolls for success or failure though I imagine this would be a good deal more complex.

While I think this is a good system, ---- there are even rules for adding modifyers to the difficulty of certain attacks or opponents in different environments such as narrow passages or with particular sized opponents (though these don't involve tables just some basic pluss and minus to attack and defense difficulty), I do think this is a case where automating these tables could vastly speed up the process.

The tables are fairly small, the combat value ones for attack type and defense type are eleven x 3, and all the others are 3 x 4, but stil it is a rather long winded process when going sequencially and one I think a computer could do far better than a human at many points.

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