HI Charles,

Lol! To tell the truth nothing beats a good stink bomb. I remember my
freshman year in high school this one kid came to school with a couple
of stink bombs and set them off in various places. The entire school
stank like rotten eggs for at least a week after that. Admitedly it
was a good prank, but I wished ground 0, the lunch room,  didn't smell
quite so bad. Made it hard to eat in there with the stench.

Now, you want to talk about knotty pranks. A friend of mine was out
visiting his grandma one year when he and his brother decided to pull
a prank on the next door neighbors. They chucked a huge rock up the
exhaust pipe of their car. The next morning the neighbor came out,
started his car, and let it run to warm up. A couple of minutes later
there was a loud bang and a huge crash as the rock shot out of the
exhaust pipe and straight through another neighbor's picture window.
Now, top that one friends and neighbors. Lol!

On 3/7/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Why put a cherry bomb in someone's mailbox when a smoke bomb works so much
> better, and lasts much longer?  Wasn't I a nice kid?  Then again, do you
> realize just how much a neighbor you want to get even with will appreciate a
> piece of Limburger cheese hidden near the intake manifold of their vehicle?
> ---
> Laughter is the best medicine, so look around, find a dose and take it to
> heart.

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