Plot and objective:
The game character is a wealthy citizen residing in Maryland, USA.
He loves to go out, especially to pubs.
He especially loves his beer.
One night things just went out of control.
Some suggest a person must separate drinks with a lot of water.
Well, that's exactly what this guy did.
He had 3  500 ml draft beers  separated with huge glasses of water.
You can just guess what happens next.
You're right, this guy needs the toilet urgently!
So he goes to the toilet of the pub.
He sits on it, ready to wee.
 But before he could wee, the toilet teleports him  to a forest.
There our game character is attacked by many little elves, they shoot  paint
balls at him.
Each time  you are hit by a paint ball, you lose 5 percent health.
Your character will start breathing once your health gets low.
Locate honey combs in the forest  and eat the honey to raise your health. 
Your objective here is to run to where an elve is before he can shoot a
paint ball at you  by using 3d game movement similar to shades of doom.
Once you are 1 feet away from him, your character will wee on his feet,
causing ugly warts there.
The elve sees the warts and scream  and run away, warning his mates to run
away.  Your character sees a longdrop in the distance.
Long drops are used in olden days before people invented toilets.
Your character notices that this particular long drop has a metal border
around it .Your character just thinks that this border is just there to make
it fancy .So your character sitss on the longdrop, ready to wee and there he
gets teleported again, this time you find yourself in a long underground
passage in the process of caving in.
Run with 3d game movement under the falling debree  through this passage,
occasionally ducking with control down arrow to miss big stones falling.
At the end of the passage is a door leading to a toilet.
You enter the door and  sit on the toilet and finish weeing.
Just after you finished  weeing, just  before you intend to look around to
see where the lever is to flush the toilet, the toilet teleports you to a
lawn patch. Your character will say:
"ah, what a relief! My bladder is at last empty!"
This  is the final level.
Here you must see how many monkeys you can catch with your net  and how many
coins you can locate and pick up  in the set time for bonus points  by using
3d game movement and spacebar to catch a monkey.

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