Ok yall, just to make your lives a bit more interesting, (Yeah, I know--some of 
you wish they were a bit *less* interesting,) I am posting a link to a small 
set of sound effects I created this morning.
is where you can get the file.  It has five or six MP3 files inside.
Here's the deal--I'm running a contest.  If any of you can guess how I made any 
of the sounds in that package, I'll give you two hours of free sound design.  
This is a contest--a game, so post your answers right on list.  Let's see how 
well you can get your imaginations working.
Oh, and I don't want answers like, "Well, you took some sound, applied a 
Doppler affect, put in some nasty sounding reverb, added some echoes..."
That's all obvious.  What I want to see is if you can figure out what's 
underneath the editing.  I'll give you one hint: I didn't just record a 
dentist's drill and modify it.  That would be cheating.  I recorded, right from 
my own home, any of the sounds you hear that are NOT synthesized--but which 
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