As I've said I've recently been replaying some old classics in audio games. 

This evening I decided to give alien outback another go. 

All in all I was doing rather well. I got a bonus stage on the first level and 
a good few others without a single ship landed (imho Draconis should make it 3 
waves with no landed ships, sinse it's damnably difficult to do 5 on any stage 
but the first or second). 

Anyway, I get through the two imho hardest waves of ships, level 3 with those 
ships that fly down at a constant angle, ---- for some reason these are a real 
pain, and then level five with the ships that fly across and laser you. 

I'm just on level six wave four with over a hundred health, finding those 
teleporting ships actually to be quite easy (I got a no lander bonus on the 
first couple of waves), when suddently bang! my keyboard goes dead. 

As I'm frantically pressing keys, four separate ships land, get up on their 
robotic walker legs tramp across and in the space of about ten seconds have 
sent busher bob to that big ranche in the sky! 

Needless to say I put in some new batteries, and my wireless keyboard works 
fine, but not soon enough for busher bob unfortunately. 

All i can say is those aliens have some very! cunning weapons if they can 
depower my wireless keyboard batteries at such a helpful time ;D.

Oh well, I'll have to go for the mother alien again at another time. 

No real point to this, I just thought it was amusing for my keyboard to fail me 
just! as I'm blowing the bejaggers out of the alien fleet and actually doing 
pretty well, ---- I had a score of something like six and a half million at 
that point too.

Beware the Grue! 

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