I play solo characters all the time, and I think there's a lot of
areas out there suitable for your level.  Here's a quick list of the
ones I'd think are ok for you on the island of Archais:

The Trow village, west of Dragon Tooth
Rogue Settlement, north of Dragon Tooth
Underground Chess Tournament, in Gad's Landing
The Nurgling Mound, northern area of the island
The Viking village raid, southern area of the island
The Viking village thief hideout
Harpies, south side of Gad's Mountain
Dwarven Mines, south of Dragon Tooth
The Nurgling Swamp, west of the Nurgling Mound
Svirfneblin colony, below Dragon Tooth
The Wyvren Forest, south of Dragon Tooth
The Djinni School, south of Redferne's Palace, in the air above Gad's Mountain
Dragon Tooth graveyard & port village, east of Dragon Tooth
Asgaard, through the figurehead on the viking ship
The Blackwater Hollows Swamp, north central part of the island
Azeroth Keep, on the south side of Gad's Mountain

The more dangerous areas are near the bottom of the list.

Last I checked, you've only explored about a third of these.  Remember
that if you stay too long in one area, you'll start to get less
experience for it, so it's good to switch areas and explore new ones

There's also a handful of good higher-level areas on the mainland,
east of Ralnoth:

Dark Forest East
Tyranids, under the dark forest
The Spider Caves, under the dark forest
Trogs, under the dark forest
The troll caverns, northern part of the dark forest
The Candlewood, northeast of the dark forest
The dark forest graveyard
The Ash Mountain foothills

I'd stay away from most of these until you hit level 27 or 28, because
they're pretty dangerous and exploring them would be pretty risky.

Some final tips:

If you're not sure where you are, check what area you're in using the
'where' command.  You can also find nearby areas with the 'nearby'
command, which will tell you what direction to go to find new places.

When you're exploring, go slowly and carefully.  I usually cast all my
protective spells and get ready to run away or cast word of recall.  I
only really start looking at the details of a zone after I've mapped
out most of it and know where the safe and dangerous places are.

Use your thief and warrior skills a lot.  As a thief, you should be
able to steal, shoplift, pickpocket, and pick locks as well as use
your combat skills.  Nearly all of your skills give you experience
when you use them.

When it comes to combat, you have to know when it's time to fight and
when it's time to run away.  Don't be afraid to run away and try
again; one of the rules I have for my spellcasting characters is never
to fight more than three things at once.  If a third thing shows up, I
pretty much always run away.

Lastly, don't get discouraged!  Exploring new areas is dangerous, but
once you know what parts to be careful in you it's much safer.


Alter Aeon

On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 10:26 PM,  <lind...@lindsaycowell.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi all
> I play alter aeon. I am blind in real life. I know I need to explore to find 
> places to xp, but when I explore I usually get slaughtered by aggro mobs. I 
> love to solo places, but have heard it is very hard, is it possible? I play a 
> char called Tina. My highest levels are 25 thief and 19 warrior. Please could 
> someone help me, i am getting desperate?
> Lindsay Cowell.

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