Once you get into level 30 areas, the recommended level is less
accurate.  A lot of high level areas have a few different creatures
you can kill easily; but that doesn't mean all of them do.  Just
because you can kill a few black knights doesn't mean you can actually
solo everything in the Grae Keep, for example.

It may also be a difference in the way that you play your character.
A good example would be necromancers with lots of minions; if you're
fighting a dragon with firebreath, your skeletons would go up like
matchsticks, and it could be a very hard fight.  That same dragon
might be very easy for a warrior thief with dragonbreath armor.

There are a lot of areas that will work with your playing style, you
just have to find them.  There's also a lot of different tactics to
try out.


Alter Aeon

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 11:38 AM, enes <enes.sari...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
> but the area levels seem rong because I can solo a level 37 area
> and theres another area level 30 recommended that i can't solo
> so i'm confused
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>> Oh boy, if you're using teleport to explore, then yeah, you're going
>> to end up dead.  A lot.  Basically, if you use teleport, you should
>> just assume that you're already dead before you cast the spell,
>> because you never know where you're going to land.  It's a little
>> safer to teleport on the islands, but even there you can land in
>> really nasty places.
>> When I explore, I use the nearby command and check the area list to
>> see what level the nearby areas are.  That also helps because then you
>> can find the area again; if you teleport and live, you'll probably
>> never find the area again, which hardly counts as exploring.
>> -dentin
>> Alter Aeon
>> http://www.alteraeon.com

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