That is true about movement, however I was just giving an example.

As regards raising enemy stats once you have the hyde though, I could only see that as an option if the Hyde were an absolutely necessary item to collect, thus insuring that players had enough health to tackle tougher enemies.

If the hyde was an extra gained for completing some sort of difficult goal in the game, then raising stats imho would sort of negate the point of collecting it anyway.

while I wouldn't be in favour of it making you invincible, it does have to give some advantage or other as a reward for completing a harder task.

say, it can only be worn for a limited time, or maybe it protects from enemy's melee attacks but is more vulernable to fireballs etc, or because of it's magic you can only use melee weapons (though sinse I believe your planning on having bosses only defeatable with melee weapons this might not be such a disadvantage).

Eitherway hopefully you see my point.

Beware the grue!


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