On the subject of cheats, I rather liked the way the mega man games do it.

they have no actual cheat codes which for instance give you invinsibility, but by following certain paths or filling certain requirements you can in some games collect super special armour or weapons in the last few levels.

The requirements for these are fairly tough, for instance finding all items in a game, and while they give you an edge, the weapons themselves (accept maybe the ultimate armour in x5-6), aren't guaranteed to absolutely win.

For instance, in mega man 5 and 6, there is a plate in each level of the game with a letter on it, usually located in a very hard to reach place.

Collecting all 8 from the first 8 boss levels and spelling m e g a m a n 5, mega man has access to beat who is a robotic bird created by Dr. Kossak.

Beat will fly on and fly into any enemy on the screen like a heat seaking missile, and will continue to hit bosses time after time.

The two issues however are firstly, Mega man can't use his mega buster or any other weapon while beat is on the screen, and secondly, like every other weapon beat has limited amo which goes down everytime he hits something.

He'll usually be able to take off half a boss's life, but only slowly by repeatedly hitting them, and mega man stil has to avoid the boss.

or in Mega man 7, if you find the areas in four of the levels where Mega man's brother protoman is waiting, finally protoman will battle you and if you win, he gives you his protoshield.

When equipped, This can protect mega man from enemy attacks, but only from the front, and it also stops MEga man from using his charge up shot.

So, I actually rather like the idea of the lion hyde as super armour, but only for filling some other tough requirement in the game, and with some sort of proviso that doesn't make it an instant win weapon.

For instance, on each level have a tablet to collect which is either hidden in a hard to reach area requiring some tricky jumping, or needs killing of a tough but optional enemy.

If you have enough after fighting the lion, you can indeed take it's hyde as HErcules did, however while the hyde will give super protection it is so large and bulky angela moves at half speed, and is restricted heavily in her choice of weapons.

Or maybe it's magic means that it's only useable for short periods.

This sort of cheat, ---- or rather super secret item, I really think would be a fun addition to Mota if possible.

Beware the grue!


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