I think you missed the sarcasm in my email. we're talking here a pit that's like 3 steps wide. even if your jumping isn't spot on, if you hit the right or left arrow fast enough after the jump chances are you'll get across it. there's no need to practice a dozen times. I got it within my first 2 tries. in a game like MOTA, sure. have some boundary sounds. because that game you have a lot more to worry about than simply the jump itself. like the analog jumping system and the running jumps for instance. but in something like battle zone, it's just ridiculous to have a pit sound. and I understand mainstream games have cues. so does battle zone. you hear the wind noise to indicate a pit. so why do we also need even more noises to tell the gamer ok, this is exactly where you must jump, thus defeating the whole point of pits in the first place? this is a reason I always speed run through super Liam. I constantly keep the run button held down and dive over pits most of the time with no fail. there's absolutely no challenge in that. sighted gamers don't have this color coated spot on the ground that tells them when to jump you know. they see a pit, they judge a good jumping distance, and go for it. blind people should use their ears the same way. if the devs add a jump boundary sound to pits, should they also add distinctive noises when fireballs are too close so you can duck in time? a targeting sound when enemies are in range? how about a sound to indicate you're getting too close to some blades? how far do we take the dumb it down approach?

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While I sympathize, I also feel the need to point out that mainstream games, again, do give cues and warnings as well... all be it most of them are visual. And how do you judge pit distances? In most games, there's a wind sound to rely on Sure. But you have to realize that headphones make things sound different so there's no concrete way to measure distances simply by relying on that sound. And saying to a blind gamer just learn by falling in that pit is like telling a sighted gamer to figure out how to do supers and ultras in Street Fighter or any other game that has them. All those games have command lists for that one reason... so people can look at things for quick reference and get to the real meat of the game. Same thing here. If you spend all your time dying in pits, how are you going to beat the game with a high score? Even judging distance takes time, and that detracts from your time bonus.

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It's definitely possible to judge distance in this game. so why would we need a warning to know if we're close to a pit? just fall in the pit a few dozen times and you'll eventually learn to jump. why must so many blind gamers insist everything is spoon-fed to them? I'm not referring to anyone in particular, but to the group as a whole. why do most blind gamers shy away from challenge? This isn't even a Battlezone issue specifically. whenever there's something a little challenging in a game, people are always trying to come up with compromises like insert beeping sounds, ways to get rid of that feature cause it's too hard, and so on.

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