Hi Thomas,

A similar thing happened to me.  Many years ago I quit smoking.  Apparently my blood 
pressure went through the roof.  My aorta tried to explode.  It came darn close to 
doing so.  I did get a life flight helicopter ride to Cleveland.  And I now take 
eleven blood pressure pills every day.  Two other times in my life I made healthy 
changes and they both backfired.  Both ended up in hospital stays and medications.  
No more healthy changes for me.  I don't think that my health can take it. 


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Hi Jim,

Yeah, tell me about it. I think for me personally I'll never forget
the day Owen Hart died. I was watching it live when he fell 78 feet
from the roof to the ring below because the harness and buckles
weren't tight enough on his flying entrance for the intercontinental
match. He came down pretty hard, and I was sitting in my dad's living
room watching it when it happened. Well, listening more like as my
vision was pretty much gone then, but still it was pretty shocking
sitting there listening to this event on pay per view as it unfolded.
Then, before the program was over they announced that Owen Hart was
pronounced dead on arival at the hospital. He was only 34 years old
when he died. That's pretty young yet.

Another tragic death in my opinion was the death of Hawk. Throughout
the 80's and 90's I guess he had a serious drug habbit, messed around
with a lot of women, etc and was really heading for an early death
when he finally cleaned his life up. He went through rehab, got
married, started going to church, and the next thing you know he just
passed away in his sleep. I think it is really sad that the guy lived
such a messed up life, only to clean up his act, and then died just
when he was really getting his act together. Doesn't seem quite fair
does it?


Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of 

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