Hi Dark,

 Could you do me a favor? Could you set your X-Arcade stick up on your
PC and test it out with MOTA beta 18. The reason I'm asking is over
the course of beta 17 and beta 18 I spent a lot of time and effort on
getting USB joystick support working, adding a custom profiler and
everything, and have recieved 0%  feedback on it. Besides a few people
like Ron who like myself seems to be interested in joysticks I'm
almost willing to szay joystick support in accessible games is a
complete waist of time.


On 4/12/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Ron.
> i strongly advise you to look at the x arcade stick. Ten and 15 buttons
> models are available and ones with one or two sticks.
> The point of the stick is to have something much like the arcade machines of
> the 80's and 90's, a stick you can really hammer around, thus apparently
> it's bullit proof (certainly I've had mine for a number of years and it's
> been great).
> Other models also come with track balls for mouse control, and I believe
> there is a specifically flight orientated model, though I myself have the
> more classic arcade affair.
> It is usb compatible and comes with a life time guarantee (which isn't a
> joke sinse I had mine repared in 2008 sinse the wire connector to the stick
> had got disturbed while moving house, though certainly this wasn't caused by
> me playing games on it at all),  pluss if you want to plug it into your game
> console you just buy and adapter and screw it onto the end of the lead.
> I actually have one for my gamecube which i play games like soul calibur on,
> and should I ever get another console I'll certainly buy an adapter for it.
> Weerdly enough the only thing I don't! use it for is pc, though really the
> only reason for this is me being too lazy to go through the config, and too
> happy with using the keyboard on most games anyway, though should analogue
> jumps or fighting game motions be required I well might change my mind on
> this.
> In the Uk, I bought mine from a mail order shop called gremlin support who
> were wonderful with tech support and even put me through to the states and
> had someone talk me through the connection process, complete with money back
> guarantee. not sure where else you'd get one, but the company's own site can
> be found at http://www.x-arcade.com/ complete with a resellers list I
> believe.
> the only thing I'm disappointed about is that they don't do adapters for the
> Snes, the oldest console they've got is the ps1, though as my capcom fighter
> stick is stil in full working order despite being about 16 years old, this
> isn't currently a problem.
> I'd strongly advise looking at X arcade joystick wise.
> Hth.

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