Hi Charles,

I would agree that would be the ideal lister but the world isn't
perfect nor are people. One very common flaw is a lot of people are
just too lazy to look things up. I often get questions on how do I do
this or that in MOTA. I ask have they read the manual where the answer
is and they reply they haven't. As a developer I find that kind of
question both lazy and a tad bit insulting as I spent a good handful
of days writing that manual, and the person didn't even bother looking
at it before posting a question. That kind of question just pushes my
buttons, and frankly makes me angry. Which is why Michael's post set
me off earlier because I went, looked around, and found out the
information just by spending a little time looking for the answer
rather than taking the lazy way out and sending a post.

On 4/14/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Personally, I don't think you ripped his head off at all.  You, as so many
> other list members have tried and tried again to tell him, that he should do
> a little of the work himself rather than send so many questions about games
> being available, where he can get this or that game, whether a game is blind
> friendly, what the cost of a given game is, how a given game is played, and
> other similar questions that can easily be answered by downloading a game
> and reading the user's guide that comes with it, trying a game before asking
> how to play it, and browsing the sites that contain lists of games and where
> to get them.  One extremely annoying type of post I have seen is one that
> asks for cheats or how to solve a puzzle in a game that someone doesn't even
> have yet.  There is no sense in that.
> If I remember right, this list was created for gamers to discuss games that,
> whether by design or not, are playable by blind people.  If, and that is the
> key word, if, you get stuck at a particular point in a game, and if?, you
> have tried to get beyond that point and just can't seem to figure it out,
> and if?, you have looked through the user's guide to no avail, then you
> should ask list members for hints or help, but not before you have
> previously taken such steps on! your! own!
> ---
> Laughter is the best medicine, so look around, find a dose and take it to
> heart.

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