Hi Michael,

Yes, there most definitely is going to be sounds and music in the
game. What I'm basically thinking of doing is writing something like
the Smackdown vs Raw games produced by THQ, but instead of graphics
and things like that the game will use text instead. Right now I'm
looking at about 200 MB of music tracks in just entrance music alone.
I've got quite a collection of tracks ranging from 80's entrance
themes, 90's entrance themes, clear up to current themes for Edge,
Cena, the Miz, CM Punk, etc. So that part is covered.

As far as general sound effects I'm working on that. I have some
generic sounds like croud ambience, ringing bells, punches, kicks, etc
but not really enough to do the game justice yet. However, I'll be
adding new sounds as I find them, and if they are of a decent quality.

As for networking support I'm not planning on adding that to the game.
At least not right now. That's for a few reasons.

The first and main reason is I've never been much of a fan of
networked games. Even though I own some games that have network
ability like SoundRTS, Topspeed 2, Rail Racer, etc I've never found
network play all that apealing. Games with portable off line game play
are more my style. So, for me at least, there would be no personal
value in adding that feature right away.

Second, I travel a lot with my laptop. I like the idea of being able
to bring up a game and play it anywhere at any time. This means if
there is no internet connection a network game mode wouldn't benifit
me at all. I'd have to have a constant wireless access point somewhere
to make it worth my time in that case.

Finally, there is a technical reason I'm opting out of network game
play. While there are cross-platform network APIs like SDL Net it
isn't something that can be used without fully initializing SDL in the
process. If I'm going to do that I might as well go all the way and
use SDL for sound, music, input, networking, draw a game window, etc.
Besides being a lot of extra work we run into something of an
accessibility issue here.

As a result of SDL's cross-platform nature if you draw a window using
SDL's cross-platform renderer it is going to create a window that
screen readers like Jaws, Window-Eyes, NVDA, Orca, you name it won't
be able to see. So even if you print text to that window the screen
reader will see it as blank. It doesn't know what is there because the
window isn't tied to any native API like the Windows API, GTK+, Cocoa,
etc. That's fine if you are going to self-voice the game, but we
aren't. So that's why no network play from a technical standpoint.


On 4/18/11, michael barnes <c...@samobile.net> wrote:
> Hey, Thomas.
> I am looking forward to the wrestling game when it is finish.  Is there
> going to be any kind of sound effects, and any kind of music?
> I belive that you got a wonderful idea by trying to put the game on
> more then one platform.  Will there be a feature to play multi player
> feature online and off line?
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