Hi Shane,

Actually, the game will be more or less menu driven. You might be
given a list of general catagories of moves such as arial, brawling,
submission, technical, etc and then you would select the actual move
you want to attempt. For instance you might select brawling and then
select uppercut to deliver a nice uppercut to your aponents jaw. This
was the only practical way I could include all the possibilities in
terms of moves.

For example, submission holds. There are a lot of them and variants.
Something like the figure four leglock has three or four varients I
know of. One of Bret Harts favorites, the Sharpshooter, is basically a
reverse figure four leglock with a fansy name attached to it. There
are a couple of others as well, but can't think of there names off

Plus I've played games like Piledriver, and it misses a lot of moves.
I can think of several classic moves like the powerbomb or Fabulous
Moolah's favorite flying snapmare that don't even get a mention. I'd
like to fill in the gap and add a lot more wrestling moves like that
to give your wrestler several options and plays. Although, the flying
snapmare, popularized by Moolah,  is more a dirty female wrestling
move as it involves grabbing the other woman by the hair and then
flipping her over your sholder. Ouch!

On 4/18/11, Shane Lowe <shanel...@insightbb.com> wrote:
> I like all these ideas!
> And trust me that something unuaasual for me.
> I have one question though, How would you enter your moves?
> Do you type them or cellect them.

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