Skeptical, yet hopeful. That's what I always was about MK 9. Those of you who know me will know that I've been an MK fan for a long time, until the more recent games. I liked them at first, but when I started getting deeper into the fighting game sceen, I realized why a lot of people didn't like them compared to other fighters or even the older MK games. I had the chance to play it briefly today, only for about 2 hours... but I got the general drift, and this short review will give the impressions I got. I don't have the game yet myself.. but when I do, more detail will be forthcoming!

This is a bit of an interesting point. I didn't like MK Vs. DC. The controls felt very sluggish, and the combos just didn't cooperate... and there were a lot of glitches I found playing against other fighting game players, as well as a lot of infinites. When I played MK 9, I actually initially didn't like the engine all that much. I found the combo timing way too lenient... you could press three buttons in rapid succession and have the third hit of the combo half a second later, which means the controls are not in sync with the hit animations and attacks. But after a while, you got used to it... and it became more of a challenge to not press them to quickly in case your opponent was blocking. In that case, you got punished because they blocked your attack andcountered while you were still halfway through the combo. Characters this time did feel quite different to me, which is something I've wanted in an MK game for a long time. Subtle things like uppercuts having different properties for characters, certain characters better at a closer range than others... those have never been existent in a fighting game til now, and I was pleased to see it. As someone who puts countless hours into fighting games, MK always got stale because the characters were always so similar. And... that super meter. Really need to watch that. There are three bars of it, and you can use those to perform enhanced specials aka super street fighter 4 x-specials, breakers with two bars full or an x-ray attack with 3 bars. X-rays were the one thing I didn't like... because as much fun to watch as they were, they interrupted the pace of the game, and they do way, way too much damage.

The music could still have more variety. I won't lie... but for Mortal Kombat music, it's quite good. Voice acting is also surprisingly well-done this time around, unlike in MK Vs. DC. Nice to hear characters saying a few things I can understand.. even though there's still a lot of gibberish mixed in.

Final thoughts... as I said. I'm impressed, as are many people from the fighting game fanbase. But in all honesty, MK made the comeback I hoped it would. It's been a long time since I had fun with an MK game, but this one sure did it for me... expect a more detailed review when I get my copy of the game!

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